Terms of Use

By opening an The Skills Grid account and by accessing The Skills Grid community, you agree to abide by the following terms set forth in this Agreement.

The Skills Grid is a Web-based service that enables organizations and people involved in workforce development in the state of Mississippi to easily connect with each other to further improve collaboration and productivity. The Skills Grid is not intended to be used as a method for sending mass communications to the entire workforce directory. We ask that you please do not send such mass communications and, should you need to get a message to the group, that you reach out to The Skills Foundation of Mississippi staff to do so.

Extraction & Mass Communication

The Skills Grid is a resource for increasing connectivity in the Mississippi Workforce Community.  It is not an email list for mass communications from you or your organization, nor is it a resource to be extracted for addition to your already in place mass communication efforts. Any attempts to use this directory as a mass communication tool may result in the termination of your The Skills Grid account, immediately and without notice. We may also restrict access to your account, immediately and without notice, should we have reason to suspect that you or your organization is using the platform to send unwanted or harassing communications to other members of the community.

You, us and ownership

We are granting you temporary, non-exclusive access to The Skills Grid that will endure as long as (a) the Agreement is not terminated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, (b) you continue to abide by the terms of this Agreement. The Skills Grid owns all logos, graphics, software, algorithms, functionality, content, pages, features and processes that comprise the The Skills Grid. You agree not to copy, modify, re-package, reverse-engineer, disassemble, modify or otherwise use The Skills Grid or its components in ways not explicitly allowed by this Agreement, without prior written consent from us.

Responsibility for account use

You agree to take full responsibility for any and all content distributed by access to your The Skills Grid account, and to abide by all pertinent copyright laws. Should we find reason to believe you have violated any laws in the course of your use of The Skills Grid, or plan to violate any law using The Skills Grid, we may suspend or cancel your account immediately and without warning.

Protecting your data and your privacy

We agree to hold your account information, lists and data in strict confidence. We do not now, nor will we ever, rent or sell your email addresses with any third party. All data stored and collected is shared only with other members of the community who have assented to the same privacy agreement. It is not shared, rented or sold to any 3rd party for their own use. The only other time The Skills Foundation will ever share ANY information related to your The Skills Foundation account with an outside organization is if (a) the outside organization is the federal government or other agency empowered to require us to divulge your personal or account information pursuant to lawfully issued subpoena, court order or other lawful process/requirement, (b) The Skills Foundation is reporting on our overall customer base and activity, in which case we will only divulge general, aggregate (non-personally identifiable) information.

The Skills Grid Service stores an encrypted version of your password for added security, but you understand and acknowledge that you are ultimately responsible for maintaining control of that username and password and ensuring its proper use by authorized personnel only.

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