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In Mississippi, our greatest asset is our people, and as we seek economic development and better quality of life, Mississippi must seek to constantly develop its people. The Skills Foundation of Mississippi, along with its many public and private partners, believes a more skilled workforce is critical to economic growth and improving quality of life for Mississippians.  Intense collaboration between private industry, communities, and state leaders is the best way to maximize effort towards building the pipeline for the next generation of Mississippians.  More than anything else, employers in the 21st century are seeking highly skilled technicians to perform complex tasks.  The Skills Foundation of Mississippi seeks to encourage more Mississippians to choose training pathways that will better ensure ready success for individuals, their communities, and the state.

Our Mission

The Skills Foundation of Mississippi seeks to facilitate greater collaboration between the public and private sectors and develop strategies for the purpose of increasing Mississippi’s supply of skilled workforce. For individuals, families and Mississippi, our competitiveness and quality of life depend on having the skills to meet the economic demands of the 21st century.

About Us

The Skills Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the skilled workforce in Mississippi.

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