About The Skills Foundation

Growing a skilled workforce is a high priority around the United States, and Mississippi is no different. Large and small businesses across our state have expressed the need for a more skilled workforce in a number of career fields.

The Skills Foundation of Mississippi is a non-profit focused on increasing the skilled workforce in our state. We work to engage private industry, communities, and state leaders for true public/private partnerships to grow the pipeline of skilled workers for the next generation of Mississippians.

By identifying the high-demand careers and appropriate training programs in Mississippi, The Skills Foundation crafts messaging to educate Mississippians about the opportunities available and connect them to a training program in their area.

The Skills Foundation of Mississippi has partnerships with over fifty private companies, public entities, and non-profit organizations. We work with and on behalf of our partners to encourage growth in a skilled workforce, which ensures success not only for Mississippians, but also for communities and our state as a whole.

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